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At CareVoy, we believe that asking for help is not a weakness. It’s a strength. By providing expert therapeutic care in a unique and vibrant setting, our three- to six-month program allow our clients the opportunity to expand their horizons, challenge their limitations, and build mentoring relationships that will help them get their lives back on track.

There are many ways to conquer any obstacle. We’ll help find the one that works for you.

Our clients have often already been struggling on their mental health journey for some time, and may be feeling tired and discouraged. This is why a flexible treatment model is an essential component of the CareVoy process. No two people will have identical experiences, personalities, and stumbling blocks, so why shouldn’t their treatment programs be as unique as they are?

CareVoy offers various types of evidence-based treatment that is incorporated in our therapeutic model. While some clients make the most therapeutic progress in individual therapy, others thrive in group settings or experiential sessions. Our therapeutic diversity ensures that each individual finds the best way to move forward, on their own path to healing.

Individual Therapy

Each client at CareVoy participates in weekly individual therapy. Our therapists act, not simply as mental health care providers, but as trusted mentors dedicated to building personal relationships with their clients. 

Group Therapy

Working through issues in a group setting helps improve communication skills, increase your ability to express yourself, and practice vulnerability in a safe place. CareVoy has several group experiential options that are fun and challenging.

Family Therapy

An individual’s difficulties are rarely fully separate from their larger family dynamic. Family therapy allows our clients and their loved ones to express their needs, and work out a communal plan for navigating boundaries, respect, and independence going forward.

The Soulegria P.R.O.M.I.S.E Wheel–a model for healthy self-actualization.

What components make up a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle? How does someone begin to identify what skills they need to build? This is the purpose of our Soulegria P.R.O.M.I.S.E Wheel: to demonstrate the different interlocking areas of focus that our program will help a client address.

P.R.O.M.I.S.E. Coaching Model

What else do clients do at CareVoy?

Learn a New Set of Skills

CareVoy’s approach is to keep our young people engaged we have to provide activities and skills that will broaden their way of thiking and allow them to step out of the box.  We have property locations nearby that offers our clients a variety of new and challenging experiences to make therapy challenging.

Family Therapy

Therapeutic Family Retreats

With so many families and their children participating in therapeutic programs we offer a unique secluded environment meant to create memorable family moments where individuals can restore relationships that have been damaged in the past.

Connect with Nature

With  Zion National Park only a half hour away, there are ample opportunities for outdoor adventure. Our clients can also enjoy hiking, biking, horseback riding, and more when not particpating in specific groups.

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Day Treatment 

Day Treatment is advantageous for those struggling with more severe areas in their lives because not all the issues we face are the same.  A basic therapy session may be effective however there often arises areas where an intensive program is needed. Our  Treatment Model is to truly help families. With this in mind, we are truly dealing with all the areas we can help others in this way. Some of the areas we can help others include.

  • Avoidance
  • Depression
  • Substance use
  • Addiction services
  • Traumatic Divorce
  • Physical or Sexual Abuse


Day Treatment for Youth-The day treatment program for youth is a program that specializes in care for youth 12-18 Most- importantly these programs include various experiential activities to engage youth at this critical age. Therefore by helping them to set appropriate boundaries it also helps them gain greater self-confidence and learn skills that will help them excel if not exceed their peers.
Here are some common problems facing youth at our specialized program.

  • Running away from issues, school or life problems
  • Avoidance of responsibilities
  • Substance abuse
  • Suicidal thoughts, ideations or attempts.
  • Other mental health concerns and issues.
  • Continual disrespect at home with parents
  • Bullying and being bullied

Day Treatment for Young Adults – When it comes to day treatment for young adults we offer care for not only the individual but if necessary getting the whole family involved to assist these persons. We use a proprietary model to effectively assist these adults in the various areas of their lives. Assistance includes

  • Skills building
  • Job or career path exploration
  • Avoidance of responsibilities
  • Anger or abuse outbursts
  • Relationship building
  • Parenting skills and building
  • Physical appearance and health
  • Confidence building

What  are the problems facing young people?

Pressure from school, society,  family, relationships
This often leads to depression, trauma, attachment, anxiety, poor family relationships, addiction, bullying, limit setting, and low self worth.
We specialize in individuals experiencing these challenges. CareVoy’s Day Treatment & IOP (Intensive Outpatient) Programs are meant to get into the cause of these issues.  CareVoy is a licensed mental health treatment provider and provides top-notch care for its clients.
 Each client has an individual treatment plan which identifies key areas where appears to be struggling in life.

What are the specific details about the PHP and IOP programs offered?

What is the length of the program? The program length is dependent on the individuals needs.
What is the cost of the program? The cost of the program is billed daily please call our office for current daily rates. We also offer a prompt pay discount. The cost may be reduced as well for those fortunate to have qualifying insurance.
Is there an enrollment fee? No however we do requirea a minumum 30 day commitment by the family to ensure a best effor is put forth by all.
Where is this program located? Individuals from all over the world come to participate in our unique programs.
This program is ideally located in southern Utah at the foot of Zions National park  just a short drive outside of Las

Our Model For Change

Soulegria Model

Our treatment team specializes in the individual as part of a family unit using our proprietary Soulegria model.

Our P.R.O.M.I.S.E. wheel creates a therapeutic environment whereas to understand how we must commit to living a well balanced life. The Soulegria P.R.O.M.I.S.E. is the commitment we make to ourselves and others in order to bring about change.

We use evidence based therapies to create this change including various skills building excercisis.

Skills building principles

(P)hysical= A balance in diet and appearance

(R)elationships=  A balance in relationships and commitment

(O)pportunity=A balance in time and of your money

(M)ental= A balance in learning and the self-confidence that brings.

(I)ntimacy= A balance in showing and feeling love.

(S)pirituality= A balance in service and finding purpose in life.

(E)motionalThe balance in overcoming one’s self and seeking help to do so.

Our Therapists

Assist in the following services. As we know children our family is part of the greatest moments as well as the hardest challenges.  Our clients typically face going through a challenge in life of creating beliefs and thoughts. Our therapists have been selected since they relate to individuals of their age group. They enjoy helping impact their future in a therapeutic way.

Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Recreational Therapy, Attachment Therapy, Equine Therapy and others are some of the ways we assist our clients and their families.

Executive Director/Admissions- Tyler Olsen
Co-Founder and Executive Director Tyler Olsen has extensive experience in helping families. He has been working with youth and young adults throughout the United States for over 20 years. Some of his positions and responsibilities included youth transporter, supervisor, dorm parent, Co-Assistant Director and Director of various behavior modification programs around the United States.
Tyler received a BS degree in Social Work with a minor in Portuguese from Utah State University(USU). When in college Tyler participated in the Football, Track & Field, Cheerleading, Theatre and Student Government. His outstanding accomplishments to create a fun and inspirational environment were recognized by then President Kermit Hall as he reignited culture that still exists today. He is a leader in his church, a Scoutmaster and community and is actively involved in other organizations.
In 2006 Tyler feeling a need to use his social work skills and feeling a need to provide better services to assist families he assisted in the creation of CareVoy. CareVoy has worked over the years with the US Government, state and local agencies as well as over 2000 clients. The Company in its organization has assisted families from all over the world.




Clinical Director-Terri Busch

Clinical Director  of CareVoy Terri has a broad experience having worked in the Odyssey House Client/Family assessments Juvenile Justice Center, Client/family assessments/trainings/therapeutic Interventions Bennion Center, U of U, Admin/Programs/Supervision of volunteer student programming/Grant reporting/assist in writing/Trainings/Overseeing Volunteer trips to Navajo Reservation/COOL Conferences in Southern California

Medical Social Work on Rehab Team, Home Care, Develop Forms to meet Medicare Guidelines and Treatment plan forms/Single Parent SkillTeaching/Assist with State -wide Student Volunteer centers at all colleges/universities:SUN Network






Program ManagerShelly Olsen

Program Manager Shelly Olsen has worked for over 10 years in Child Protective Services as a Lead Permanency worker. Her extensive experience in this field gave her a desire to help out families in the private sector.  

Shelly received a BS degree in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Utah. She is a licensed Social Service Worker (SSW) for the State of Utah.

She is a mother of 4 beautiful children and loves spending time with them and watching them grow.

Our Testimonials

Jonthan A.  San Francisco Area, Ca  

My experience with carevoy is so crazy I came into this program unwillingly and left so passionate about it. There is no other place that will show you how to be happy how to have a wonderlife, I was taught on to have communication with my parents and family they taught me on to control my anger, they helped me with issues I didn’t even know about such as lying and begin entiled. Group therapy was awesome the conversation got so deep and everyone participated witch made way more awesome. Coming into carevoy I had nothing but bad things to say but when the mentos Tyler and Ryan helped me realize that I was going down a wrong path a life a pathway that not even myself would want to take (now at least) it changed my life. I graduated high school and came back to help my father with his tree service business and I’m planning to join the army. If it wasn’t for these people I would be dead or in jail they turned my life into something that I love and want to do productive and healthy things. I appreciate carevoy to the fullest and will forever thank them trust me when I tell you take advantage of the time you there because at first I didn’t and now regret it.

Alon F.  New York, NY

This place changed my life. It can change your kid’s life too. Scary decision, amazing outcome. Best 3 months of my life!
A few months back I felt like I was losing my son to drugs. His schooling wasn’t doing so well either and I was worried. My wife called many places but We werent convinced, as soon as we called this program I instantly knew this was it. Not only that but seeing pictures of the place and seeing how beautiful of a place it is was a plus. So we drive out from L.A. too check the place out and instantly when I talked to staff, I knew they were good reliable people, I was skeptical at first like any other parent would be about leaving their kid somewhere but I had no other choice. The residence was beautiful everything about it the scenery, the gym, and the houses. Four months later my son is better than ever, he finished school, and has a better and more vibrant energy. I can’t thank these people enough! I highly recommend this place for anyone having trouble with their kid.


*Note -CareVoy is not an emergency hospital facility. Individuals needing immediate assistance should call 911 and seek help from emergency experts.

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