Youth Intensive Outpatient Treatment – IOP

Youth Intensive OutPatient Treatment 

Ther CareVoy Intensive Outpatient Treatment program is specifically designed to help clients with reoccurring or persistent mental health needs. This program is most effective in that it brings a creative group together to learn and build skills in a group setting.  The advantage is to help those struggling with more severe areas in their lives because not all the issues we face are the same.  Whereas Our  Treatment Model is to truly help those individuals. With this in mind, we are truly dealing with all the areas we can help others in this way. Some of the areas we can help others include.

  • Avoidance
  • Depression
  • Substance use
  • Addiction services
  • Traumatic realtionships
  • Physical or Sexual Abuse

What if Intensive OutPatient Treatment is not working

Intensive OutPatient groups focus on team building learning to balance ones life, staying away from harmful vices and things that will prevent onces success.

For clients that present deeper issues than originally thought or once issues are addressed become more volatile or severe we have in place a Day Treatment Program.

Day Treatment for Adults – When it comes to day treatment for adults we offer care for not only the individual but if necessary getting the whole family involved to assist these persons. We use a proprietary model to effectively assist these adults in the various areas of their lives. Assistance includes

  • Skills building
  • Job or career path exploration
  • Avoidance of responsibilities
  • Anger or abuse outbursts
  • Relationship building
  • Parenting skills and building
  • Physical appearance and health
  • Confidence building

Day Treatment For Youth: These programs specializes in care for youth   Most- importantly these programs include various experiential activities to engage youth at this critical age. Therfore by helping them to set appropriate boundaries it also helps them gain greater self confidence and learn skills that will help them excel if not exceed their peers.
Here are some common problems facing youth at our specialized program.

  • Running away from issues, school or life problems
  • Avoidance of responsibilities
  • Substance abuse
  • Suicidal thoughts, ideations or attempts.
  • Other mental health concerns and issues.
  • Continual disrespect at home with parents
  • Bullying and being bullied


*Note -CareVoy is not an emergency hospital facility. Individuals needing immediate assistance should call 911 and seek help from emergency experts.

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